I got a dog around Easter. Her name is Arya. The second day we had her I taught her to sit and now I’m teaching her agility. She is a Border Collie and is now almost one.

Comment below if you want me to post pictures of her training.


Ok you guys will give us challenges and this week we will either pick one challenge from you guys or a challenge from each other! You can either pick a challenge for me or Zoey.

example : challenge for Zoey, make an E with play-dough.

The video will be on my mom’s Facebook.

The link is below.



cat.jpgHi I’m Zoey. Aubrie said I could use her blog.

I’m 7 years old. My favorite animal is a tiger. My favorite colors are purple and black.

My favorite food is ice cream. My favorite Holiday is Christmas. I love animals just like my sister.


Comment below, do you have any brothers or sisters?